First you'll need the elastic, which will be needed for the garter.

First you'll need the elastic, which will be needed for the garter. Fortunately, there are other married women out there who've sat in your seat before. Remember, a brides garter is meant to be fun and quirky. It makes for excellent presentation. It should also be 4 inches in height. Your wedding garter will be unique in design and can pretty much convey anything you want it to. The goal here is to work with something that you'll feel comfortable wearing. Take a deep breath and relax. The elastic should be 2-3 inches shorter than the measurement of the bride's thigh. Get creative with your design!. Please note: whatever fabric the bride chooses should be 3 times longer than the elastic. Don't be nervous, everything will fall into place.

The bid day is coming! That's right, your wedding is approaching. Hearts, flowers, a key to the best-man's apartment (that's a joke!) -- anything light that dangles will do just fine. Silks and satins are strongly recommended, as you won't even know that they're on your thigh. We've heard it all before: your wedding day is around the corner and you still haven't found the perfect garter. Stitch the fabric together with a matching color thread. Let your imagination run wild. Insert the elastic through the fabric. We mean it! Unleash your creativity and customize your own bride's garter! Don't roll your eyes, it's actually quite simple. Once she has an accurate measurement, she can start purchasing supplies. The last thing you want to feel is discomfort on your special day. You aren't the only bride-to-be who has been in this situation.

There's something special to be found when customizing once piece of your wedding attire.

Now that you've purchased the brides garter items, you can fold the 4? (in height) material you've selected in half. Next you'll want to start shopping for a fabric.

A word of advice: avoid fabric that may irritate your skin! While lace may look very beautiful, it can certainly drive some women insane! Bear in mind that you'll be dancing and mingling all night long. Whether your garter is elegant, fun, simple, or cute; it should employ your personality. Ideally, you want a garter that you barely know is there. No other bride will have a garter like yours. Now that you've finished, you can sew trinkets onto the garter like a charm bracelet.

A chiffon fabric bride who has decided to customize her own garter should immediately measure her thigh. So lend your eyes to this advice: don't choose a wedding garter that is store-bought.

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