This is a great technique to use when you hem pleated garments

With the skirt wrong side up, press the bias lightly and gently shape the bias strip to fit inside the skirt.

Cut a 5-6 inch wide bias strip of organza or light weight lining fabric long enough to fit the lower edge of the skirt.

This is a great technique to use when you hem pleated garments or any heavy fabric to help lessen the bulk and create a nice finished look.

Fold the organza/lining fabric strip in half lengthwise with right sides out.

Piece the strip on the straight of grain of the fabric to create the length you need. Do not stretch the hem

Join the ends of the bias at one side seam of the skirt.

Slip stitch the upper fold of the bias to the inside of the skirt.

Pin in place.

For circular flares, trim off 1 inch below the marked line.

Face a circular or flared skirt hem with bias.

For medium flared skirts, trim off the lower edge Satin Fabric Suppliers 1-1/2 inches below the marked line.

Press the seam toward the bias.

When sewing a flared skirt, do you have a problem with a too much bulk in the hem?

Here is the answer for a smooth finish.

Baste the two bias edges of the strip together.

Turn up the hem on the marked line and baste along the lower fold edge. Look how nice and neat it is!

If you are hemming a straight edge, there is no need to stretch the bias.

Mark the desired hemline on the skirt with chalk or basting thread.

Slightly stretching the raw edges of the bias, stitch it to the outside of the skirt at the lower edge with raw edges meeting.

Try it! It just makes sense!

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