In South-North of China, Mi-Le Buddha descended

In South-North of China, Mi-Le Buddha descended as Fu Da-shi. After Sakyamuni Buddha was enlightened, Mi-Le Buddha traveled from Southern India to Northern India to follow Sakyamuni Buddha in Sravasti. After ?fifty-six billion years? the followers would follow Mi-Le Buddha descending to Earth, listen to sermons in the ?Long-hua Assemblies,? (?Long? implies the True Self. ?Hua? implies the life.

Both the Bible and Koran prophesy the end of the world and the coming of a world savior. Mi-Le Buddha followed him and was born in Southern India. Presently, all statues of Mi-Le Buddha in China are in the form of the Monk with Cloth Bag, which unveils his chest and abdomen. When he reveals his true identity, the world will become a Pure Land.? The Bible describes as The Final Judgement.White Sun Maitreya Buddha chiffon fabric.

The name Mi-Le Buddha first appeared over 2,000 years ago in India. The ?Doctrine of the Mean? states ?When the Saint descends one hundred generations later, there will be no doubt to the Truth. In Tang Dynasty, he descended as the Monk with Cloth Bag (or the Laughing Buddha). In this tenth Cycle, the seed he sowed sprouted and the fruit ripened, and it's time for him to harvest it.? Therefore, the number of ?fifty-six billion? is only a symbol. The enmity and resentment from every injustice must be repaid whether one is dead or alive."

. The Guide to the Gospels of Mi-Le Buddha records how Mi-Le Buddha became enlightened since his coming to the world. Since his first coming to the world and vowing to become a Buddha in the Pure Land, ten cycles of Heaven and Earth have elapsed. Mi-Le has innumerous images.

In the ?Red Yang? Period (2,500 years ago) in this Cycle, Sakyamuni Buddha descended to Earth from ?Tusati? Heaven and was born in Northern India. When Sakyamuni Buddha initiated Mi-Le Buddha into the monastery, he stated that Maitreya Bodhisattva had already attained Tao and that he would enter Nirvana twelve years later, and then lecture in Tusati Heaven.? One generation is about 30 years and in the teachings of Tao of Heaven, Mi-Le Buddha already came as the 63rd Patriarch and his Heavenly title is ?Ching Kong Chu Tzu.

Anyone who wanted to be a follower of Mi-Le Buddha must follow the Five Disciplines (not to kill, not to steal, not to be lustful, not to tell lies and not to drink), do the Ten Goodwill Measures (not to have greed, rage, and infatuation, not to sow discord, not to flatter, not to talk in abusive tongue, not to speak recklessly, not to kill, not to steal, and not to be lustful), and chant the name of Mi-Le Buddha. How can such behavior not make God (Lao Mu) in wrath and descend the merciless doom (disasters and catastrophes).

My Heavenly Teacher JiGong said, "Man is destroying and killing numerous sentient beings in every aspect. His appearance is shown to people constantly, except that people cannot recognize it.? He is the savior of the ?White Period? (now) where the world is coming to an end by the destruction of the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period. When the Monk with Cloth Bag was about to leave the world, he sat on the east side of the temple and said, ?Mi-Le is the real Mi-Le. Long-hua Assemblies means that everyone has his ?True Self and life? combines together and meets in Heaven), and become enlightened.

However, Mi-Le Buddha has left traces of his descending in the world many times, but the mortals couldn't recognize him. This destruction will be by the water, fire and killer wind called ?Gang Feng. After many years, the guilt accumulates and Man becomes ghosts and ghosts become Man.

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